My name is Ksenia. I am currently a student in the Computer Science department at the University of Crete. I have been a student a million times before …

My educational odyssey can sum up to the following:

I enter the faculty of Economics
(i had no computer back then)

I change my mind
(still no computer).

I enter and graduate from the department of Balkan, Slavic and Eastern Studies
(nope, no computer yet)

No jobs
(and no computer)

I continue my studies in Economics in France
(second-hand computer mostly served as sous-verre and food warmer)

I continue my mistake doing postgraduate studies in Finance in England
(my computer drops dead)

And then … I come to realize that I do not give a dump about economics

Now I ‘m finishing my undergraduate studies in CS
(i have 2 computers, an excellent mood and a broken loop)

Personality resume:
kind of slow, most of the time unreasonably happy, hacxee wanna-be


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